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How to Boost Your Employer Brand in Video Interviews

Conducting one-way video interviews in your hiring process has many benefits, including increased convenience for both your hiring team and your candidates. But they can also make it challenging to convey your employer brand. With these tips, your HR team will know how to effectively incorporate your employer brand in video interviews to improve the candidate experience. 

Add Video Introductions 

Having a video introduction from the hiring manager or recruiter can make the video interview process feel more like a conversation instead of a one-sided interaction. Your video introduction can kick off the interview with a quick (1-2 minute) overview of the role, the team, and the company to highlight your company culture.  

Cangrade’s Video Interviews has a free, easy-to-use video introduction feature to help you add a personal touch to your video interview process. 

Incorporate Your Company Values 

Your company has a set of values that drive how it operates and how employees thrive – so be sure to make those values clear during the interview process. You can incorporate questions about your values into the questions you ask candidates during video interviews and into your video introductions as well. 

Showcase Employee Stories 

A great way to incorporate these company values into your hiring process is by including pre-recorded employee stories in your interview process. These stories can be very short snippets that highlight an important part of your employer brand in video interviews.

For example, you could have an employee who is on the team the candidate may be joining discuss a recent success story or describe what a day on the team is like. The candidate gets a deeper understanding of the team, and your employer brand gets a boost as well. 

Do a Virtual Office Tour 

Want to show, not tell, about your employer brand in video interviews? Doing a virtual office tour is a great way to accomplish this. If your employees are working in the office all or some of the time, showing off the space where they’ll be spending time can offer them insight into their potential working environment. 

Create an Outro Video 

Once the candidate has recorded their responses to the video interview, you can also include an outro video to thank them for their time. This video should also be transparent about the next steps in the application process – telling them when they can expect to hear from you and your team.   

This step helps to burnish your employer brand in video interviews because it leaves candidates with a final impression that you care about their experience. And it leaves them knowing what else they can expect in the process while holding you accountable for a timely follow-up.  

Even if they don’t end up landing the role, they’ll still have a positive impression of your brand to discuss with their network and to encourage them to apply for roles in the future.  

Conduct Post-Hire Check-Ins 

To truly ensure that your employer brand in video interviews is being effectively represented and communicated, you can check in with your new hires. Ask them how their experience during the hiring process felt – was it true to your employer brand? Did anything seem different once they started in their new role? 

These check-ins will allow you to refine and enhance how you present your employer brand during any and all parts of the remote hiring process, including during video interviews. And that creates a great remote candidate experience, gaining you access to the top talent in your industry. 

Looking for more ways to hone your remote hiring process? Cangrade is here to help.