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5 Things to Consider When Building Your Talent Brand

When you need to hire new employees, it’s an exciting time – you’re helping to grow the future of your business. But how can you attract the highest quality potential employees? Top performers have many options available when they’re searching for a new role. That’s why they look for more than just a new job – they want an employer brand that they can trust and identify with strongly. 

Building your talent brand is vital to bringing in the best new employees during your recruitment process. This requires thought and effort – and these five essential things to consider when burnishing your employer brand. 

1. Know Your Reputation 

Building a strong talent brand begins with knowing what your existing brand truly looks like. What do former and current employees think about working for your company? What is your workplace culture really like? What makes your company a great employer? 

It’s essential to look with clear eyes at your company’s current reputation. While it’s easy to look only at what you’re doing well, it’s important to look at what needs improvement as well. 

2. Stand Out Authentically 

What makes your workplace different from those of your competitors? It could be your organization’s unique history or mission, the way your employees and leaders sincerely live your values, or anything else that makes you stand out from other employers. These differences are at the heart of your employer brand. 

This isn’t about exaggeration, it needs to be authentic to work. But your business and workplace culture certainly have at least a few things that make your company different from other employers, and surfacing those traits can help you bring in candidates who are attracted to what you offer. 

3. Share Employee Stories 

When potential candidates are looking into a new role, they’re most interested in hearing from other employees or former employees. While information from the company’s corporate communications team or HR department is helpful, potential employees really want to hear what the experience of working at your company is really like from people like them. 

Sharing employees’ stories throughout the recruitment process, like in videos on your careers page and social media accounts, can add credibility and authenticity that high-quality potential candidates will love. You can also add video introductions to your Cangrade Pre-Hire Assessments and Video Interviews to give applicants a human face to go along with the application process. 

4. Embrace Diversity 

Building a truly diverse workplace isn’t just about looking good in your next corporate report – it’s also a top consideration for would-be applicants. In fact, more than 86% of candidates say that workplace diversity is an important factor in their job search. 

Implementing techniques that are proven to increase diverse hiring, such as writing job descriptions that attract diverse candidates and approaching hiring in an evidence-based way, will help you attract stronger candidates from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences.

5. Allow Flexibility 

Having the possibility to work remotely some or all of the time is a top priority for many applicants. Not all employees want to work remotely full-time, but they do certainly expect the option to have flexibility in where they work at least some of the time. 

If your company doesn’t offer these options, you may want to think twice about what that will do to your employer brand. Proactively offering employees much-desired flexibility and shifting to a more virtual work environment will show you’re in touch with what workers want right now and can help you attract higher-quality candidates who have plenty of options when choosing a new role. 

Building Your Employer Brand 

The best way to bring in plenty of job applications from top performers who will fit in well with your company is to create a strong talent brand and an excellent candidate experience. Let Cangrade’s technology help you level up your talent acquisition strategy – contact us to find out more today.