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Hiring Equity – Setting Meaningful Goals and Driving Results: Webinar Recap

We are all looking to hire candidates who will thrive in our organizations. By searching for prospective employees who have diverse non-traditional backgrounds, you can hire the candidates who are best set up for success. However, making a diverse hire does not mean you’re building hiring equity.

Investing in hiring equity boosts performance, prevents attrition, and drives growth for your organization — if done right. But to invest in hiring equity, you first need to understand what hiring equity means and why hiring equity is a need to have, not a nice to have. 

To truly build hiring equity, you must revisit how you set your goals, moving away from quotas, and reengineering your talent management processes. One way to do this? Hiring for soft skills. Hiring for soft skills widens your funnel by finding candidates that other organizations may have missed out on, and increases job satisfaction and fit which leads to employee happiness and productivity.

In our latest webinar focused on hiring equity, Dr. Liana Epstein will help you understand how hiring equity can impact your organization, hiring process changes you can make to hire equitably, like hiring for soft skills, and how AI technology can help. 

A few of the benefits Dr. Epstein discusses include: 

  • Widen your funnel by including non-traditional hires
  • Boost employee performance
  • Prevent employee attrition
  • Improve candidate experience

Watch now to start setting meaningful hiring equity goals and committing to your organization’s equitable growth.

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