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Hiring for Soft Skills Is Easy with Our Free Job Description Decoder

If you’re looking for the perfect fit for an open role but can’t seem to find them, you may not be looking for the right soft skills. Or your hiring process may focus too much on hard skills and culture fit.

Hiring for soft skills brings a multitude of benefits to talent management and your business. Here are some of the benefits your organization can recognize by shifting your hiring process to emphasize soft skills:

  • Reduce bias by removing your hiring process’ focus on credentials or pedigree
  • Strengthen your pipeline by refocusing your requirements on soft skills, which attracts a broader pool of applicants
  • Find the right fit by focusing on what actually drives success in your role
  • Boost retention by hiring employees that have the soft skills to be successful in their role
  • Build a cohesive team by hiring candidates with soft skills that complement your existing team 
  • Improve your talent brand by reducing bias in your hiring process, ensuring mutual fit, and increasing retention
  • Increase results by hiring candidates who have the soft skills it takes to drive results in their role

But do you know how to hire for the soft skills you really need for a candidate to be successful?

We built our free Job Description Decoder to help HR professionals like yourself identify the soft skills critical to success in their open roles. Use the job description you have, your knowledge of the position, the hiring managers’ insights, or the whole hiring team’s views to fill out a quick survey about the role. Then, like magic, we’ll return what soft skills to look for, interview questions to help you identify them, and language to include in your job description so you attract qualified candidates.

Even though it may seem like magic to you, our Job Description Decoder is powered by the same powerful psychometrics and I/O psychology as the rest of Cangrade’s solutions. Which means that once you have your recommendations you can easily power a new Cangrade Success Model and Pre-Hire Assessment. Or you can keep them to yourself and use them to guide your existing hiring process. It’s up to you.

Here’s how it works:

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Ready to uncover the softs skills your candidates need?