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How to Build Your Culture Without “Building Culture”: Webinar Recap

In our latest webinar, Dr. Liana Epstein, Chief Analytics Officer with Cangrade, discussed tactics for building culture without bias. She walked through how to provide the social support and structure your work culture needs without introducing negative or counterproductive elements and the importance of diversity.

“70% of job seekers say diversity matters to them. If your organization is struggling with retention, this is definitely a way to tackle that,” shared Liana. Make yourself as appealing to folks as possible by creating a diverse culture. Focusing on diversity will lead to a more profitable organization, and allow you to come together to problem-solve. Diversity not only increases productivity and retention, but also creativity and innovation. 

Liana also answered questions about these trending topics throughout the webinar:

  • Trusting AI
  • Implementing AI into your HR processes for the first time
  • Understanding your organization’s goals and values
  • Determining which soft skills contribute to your workplace culture
  • Fostering a culture in today’s virtual world

Watch the webinar recap today to start building your organization’s culture without bias.

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