September is the New January

September marks a new beginning for many people (back-to-school or not).

It’s a lot like January.


People are returning from their vacations.

People are wondering why every year seems to go by faster.

People are planning ahead and setting goals.

People are more motivated than usual.


But most importantly, this “September feeling” is just one example of a bigger phenomenon.

And it’s something you can make happen.

Almost any time you want to.




The “Fresh Start Effect”

People rely on “psychological landmarks” to remember and keep track of things. 

The most noticeable landmarks are at beginnings and endings.

Beginnings are when people are the most motivated, most likely to set goals, plan ahead, and think about the future.


Research has found that people are more likely to actually pursue their new goals at these “beginnings.”

For example, not only is this when people are most likely to google for “diet,” but also when they are most likely to actually go to the gym.


Create your own “fresh start”

It’s not just New Year’s or back-to-school season that triggers a fresh start mindset.

It can be any time that you choose to see as a new beginning.


Some of the best examples:

  • Right after a holiday
  • The 1st of the month
  • Mondays


You’re never too far from a new fresh start, if you know where to look.

The next one is always just around the corner.




Image credits: Dafne Cholet, Andreanna Moya Photography

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