3 Things You Can Do Right Now-Improving The Application Process

I know there was a lot of information to take in over the past few blogs, and if you are just joining us now, no worries, here is a brief overview of what we have gone over:

Does everyone hate applying to jobs?

A short introduction into why I wrote this series and what it is about, aka the job application process and ways that you can improve it

4 Things For Better Job Post

The four main areas of a job post that you can improve upon to get better applicants

Check your Tech: It could be hurting your application process

What technological updates you can employ to improve your hiring process

Not getting job applicants? Convenience could be the key

Making your application more convenient for your candidates

How to use assessments without alienating applicants

How to use screening and assessments without misusing them or alienating applicants

It may have seemed like there was a lot of pointing fingers and saying “Bad, don’t do that!”, and that is not how I want you to feel. But take a second to think about all the job seekers out there going through these things and feel fortunate you are just reading about all these problems and not experiencing them.

You can change your process but inevitably there will be bad ones out there for applicants to suffer through. I know you wouldn’t have stuck it out this long if you didn’t actually care about what your applicants are going through, so props to you.

Here are a few things that you should take away from this series if you don’t remember anything else:

  1. Read through one or two of your job posts
  2. Apply to one or two of your jobs
  3. Take notes on anything that bothers you

Once you have done this, you should have a good baseline for what the good and the bad in your process are and you can move on to finding more nuanced issues and actually fixing things!

Thank you for staying with me through this series and if you come across anything I haven’t mentioned in your journey through your application process, please comment below so everyone else can benefit as well!

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