Does Everyone Hate Applying To Jobs?

We have all had to sit down and force ourselves to fill out job applications. Whether it’s the first time you are looking for a job, or you’re just looking for a change, you are eventually going to have to fill one of these puppies out.




And unless you are insanely lucky, you will also come out of the process with some horror stories of how AWFUL they can be. From hours spent typing in information you are already sending in your resume, to applications that seem never ending, there always seems to be something that just drains you of all motivation. We all know applications suck, but why? Is there a definitive list of things that we can change to make the process better? Well, I think there is, and I am going to let you know what those things are.

Both my brother, who has had multiple jobs in the past, and my sister, who has never before had a job, were recently sending out applications. Both were complaining more than the usual sibling designated amount (which we all know can be a lot on its own!). So I thought I would take a look at the typical application process, and see if maybe there was something about it that intrinsically irks so many people, and if it could be changed.


It turns out, there is and it can! I made my list, and I am going to share it with you!


Over the next few weeks, I will be posting a series to help you understand what makes having to apply for a job such a tedious process. By the end of this series, you will hopefully gain insight into what your candidates are going through and what is turning so many of them off from your jobs. This will give you the chance to change things and get the best applicants for your jobs!

As someone who has just spent an absurd amount of time applying to jobs, and with many friends and prior classmates going through this process, I know what job applicants are thinking but won’t tell you because they want to get the job.


Even if you think you are doing everything right, it never hurts to double check with something as important as the path that leads to the most important part of any company: the people.


Up first I will be discussing ways to make your job post the best it can be. I will give you the four most important things to keep in mind when writing those bad boys, so I hope you’re excited!


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