The Apple Logo Isn’t Quite What You Think

Apple Computer has one of the most instantly recognizable brand logos of all time.

It’s a simple design. Basically just the silhouette of an apple. You can easily spot this on every apple devices, from iPhones, watch stands for Apple watches, to MacBook Airs. Everybody knows it when they see i, it is almost impossible not to recognize.

Certainly, you would recognize it if you saw it…or would you?

We all rely on memory in our day-to day lives. Remembering is so central to our own personal experiences, we often forget just how flawed memory is.

When researchers recently tested actual memory for the Apple logo, people were very confident that they could accurately remember it.

  • Only about 1% of participants could accurately draw a picture of it from memory.
  • When tested for simple recognition (like in the quiz below) less than 50% accurately identified the correct logo.

How about you? Take the quiz!



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Fortunately, it seems that overconfidence in memory might be reduced by the actual experience of remembering.

Participants rating their memory ability before attempting to recall the logo overestimated themselves to a far greater degree than participants who rated their memory ability after.

It’s worth reminding ourselves from time to time that memory is not photographic.

This perspective may save us from overconfidence, and potentially reduce a variety of unnoticed errors and mistakes.

Image credit: mari27454


  1. Avatar YesI'mACheater   •  

    You might want to check your algorithm. I definitely got the answers right as I cheated and looked at the logo right in front of me on my Apple desktop, but I still got the result “I don’t really know what the Apple logo looks like!”

    • Dr. Greg Willard Dr. Greg Willard   •     Author

      Hi Cheater, thanks for taking the quiz!
      Note that the quiz also has a penalty for wrong answers. It is possible to also get such a result if you said “yes” to the correct logos, but then also said “yes” to some wrong answers.
      You can always try taking it again to see if you might have missed something…some of the slight variations are tricky if you’re not paying close enough attention!

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