I Understand the Individual Words – but I don’t Understand What They Mean Together: The Art of Effective Communication Pt. 1.

“Through exploiting our synergies we will shift the paradigm…”

That was the opening line of an email that I received recently from a CEO of an established CRM that wanted to work with Cangrade. I am generally all for penetrating verticals by leveraging synergies and exploiting best practices to create disruption and empower innovation – but even I have my limits.

The Art of Effective Communication Pt. 1

The Art of Effective Communication Pt. 1

Businessy people (like myself) have something of our own emerging and specialized language. Not unlike Legalese being what lawyers use to keeps the pedestrians form doing their job. Fancy business people try to have much the same. A language that makes us feel smart, even though the things that we are actually talking about are simple.

Please allow me to translate a sample phrase:

Business jargon: “My core competency is to facilitate buy-in which empowers the team to take it to the next level”
Translation: “I am good at communicating” or depending on the context: “I can be convincing”

The way I figure it – in its most basic form communication is the sharing of information between individuals – it is the act of conveying information.

Here is my communication tip #1: If people don’t understand what you are saying – you’re not communicating, and if you try to complicate simple things they will become complicated.

If you want a giggle here is a nice list of business jargon compiled by Forbes: http://www.forbes.com/pictures/ekij45gdh/most-annoying-business-jargon/#content

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