A cup of work with a pinch of play

I’ve met many people who feel that getting too involved with their coworkers is a bad thing. They feel as though they should just go to work, get their work done and go home. The whole “I’m here to make money, not friends” attitude seems to be growing more and more popular.

I have never been a fan of just doing work at work, and I think being too unsocial is pretty detrimental.

In fact I think one of the best investments that someone can make for their team is to come up with ways to help build relationships within the work environment. There are many ways that people can socialize with others in their workplace, even if they choose not to take these relationships outside of work. Studies have shown that those who have good relationships with people at work have less stress, greater satisfaction, and often end up performing better overall.

fun outside the office

Having work friendships can break up the day, give people a way to vent a little, and just give somebody something to look forward to seeing every day. If your employees don’t really have great morale then the entire office suffers. Below is a list of some ideas that I’ve seen work to help people in your office get to know one another, and create a friendlier work environment.

1. Set up lunch BBQ’s or potluck lunches once a month. This gives everybody a chance to have some down time at work, and allows people to mingle without feeling less productive. With everybody bringing in an item to share, this allows people to also discuss recipes, who cooked the best side, or future work activities.

2. Host a fundraiser. Finding a cause that is close to your heart or your coworkers’ hearts is an ideal way to get everybody united. If your office is usually a dressy environment, ask to host a dress down day where everybody brings in a dollar to go toward the cause you all chose. Coming together to help a cause helps people bond, which will in return make the work environment warmer.

3. Set up a retreat. If it’s possible for your company to shut down for a weekend, book a retreat for you and your coworkers. Often times hotels, resorts, or state parks will host businesses at a discount. While there, workers can enjoy relationship building meetings, tours, outings and activities that are designed to bring people closer together while teaching them how to appreciate one another’s differences.

These are just a few of the ideas that can help bring your office together. They may or may not work depending on the environment that you work in, but there are always ways to encourage people to get to know one another.

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