What are Today’s Most Popular IT Skills?

The IT industry is hot (again), and the question that I’m being asked a lot by people who are looking for a job or starting their career in the industry is: “what are the skills that are popular today in the job market?” Usually in my answer I sight all the new and cool stuff that makes a lot buzz lately like HTML5, Mobile, jNode, NoSQL etc. but in the back of my mind I was always wondering if I’m giving a good advice (and by “good” I mean data backed).

Finally I decided to consult with the data (which we Cangrade happens to have). Employers who post jobs on Cangrade have a way of specifying the industry, the nature of the job and the skills required for the job (in addition to all other stuff like responsibilities and personal qualities). I took all the jobs that are indicated to be IT jobs and summarized the skill requirements. Then I took the top 40 skills and made a little word cloud out of them. Here is what I’ve got:

most popular IT skills

Word Cloud of Most Popular IT Skills

I was myself a bit surprised to see the results. Evidently the most popular skills are not the coolest ones. Java seems to be still the queen of programming languages and DB skills seem to be still going strong. Additional revelation is that purely technical skills share the popularity with non-technical ones like SDLC or Project Management. Keep all that in mind when you consider a next skill to learn or create your resume and think which skills to highlight.

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