On-line resume: give it a character!

The idea of on-line resume is almost as old as the Web itself. After all what can be more logical than to let the World know who you are and what you can do (professionally speaking). As some of you might recall the use of this was somewhat limited to academics and geeks (which are not necessarily two distinct groups).

Now skip 10 years forward and you have the social networks ruling the cyber world, with LinkedIn branding itself as your professional network. What they say is that the network comes first and everything else is just attributes of the network, things to share… LinkedIn in effect owns your resume. Or does it, actually?

When last time you were looking for a job, and talked with a recruiter, what did she ask for right at the get go? Right, your resume. And it was probably not a link to your LinkedIn profile. Why? Actually no easy answer… It probably has something to do with how quickly the people who deal with HR adopt to new things. And you don’t want to disappoint them, after all they are the ones who call the shots.

Then comes the problem. Does this conversation sound familiar to you:
“Okey, so I see you have 5 years of Java experience”, “Oh, no, no – It’s actually 8 years, your version of my resume is probably outdated. Let me send you the new one”
This is good! Because they actually talked to you and you got a chance to fix the misconception. How about when they don’t talk to you because they have a misconception. Your resume lives life far beyond the timeframe that you define as “job search”. It lives on in internal candidate databases, and can be playing for or against you.

So the idea of on-line resume is not dead, and has number of advantages:

  1. It’s one place that is always up-to-date
  2. It looks well structured, professional and standardized
  3. It will come up in the searches when people are looking for you
  4. You are in the full control of it (can change or delete it at your will)

But most importantly that unlike your LinkedIn profile, it’s still a resume and when you are asked for a resume you provide a resume (only online)

Cangrade resume has one unique ability in comparison to other on-line resume tools. Our main expertise and our passion is in testing people for their personality and their skills. Unlike any other resume, in Cangrade you can give your resume a character – literally speaking. You can attach your personal traits report to your resume. Why do it? Well, we fundamentally believe that you will stand out as a professional when you have a combination of personal and professional qualities, and we provide a way to highlight both.


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  1. Avatar Mike   •  

    I love the public resumes! I actually have a link to mine in my email signature. I think its great way to introduce your-self when you talk to a business contact (even when not looking for a job). It’s like a really, really enhanced email signature. here I am: http://www.cangrade.com/mike …. one simple link and an amazing introduction that really lets me stand out from the crowd!

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