start early and do it often

I continue to have offbeat discussions with friends on mine and casual encounters about how they hire people also what we are doing at Cangrade (just to remind: what we do is putting together the best of science and technology to match people and jobs). So here are the factors that people seem to consider in hiring (with no regards to the order):

  • Skills
  • Motivation
  • Right personality (whatever that means)
  • Team/culture match

So the question is where do you start? Is it viable to let’s say first find everyone who seem to be the best match on just one of the parameters and then deal with the smaller list? Sure! That’s in essence what any job board (e.g.,, etc) is doing. Can you include a some personal criteria in this process? Sure! This is typically a job for a recruiter. How precise this initial estimation will be? Not very – we all know it.

It seems to me that in recruiting process just like in almost any other process the right answer is to start early and do it often. What that means is that you need to learn about your candidates as much as possible as early as possible, adjust the candidate list and adjust the requirements based on the results. That way eventually you will come down to the list of people whom you really want to see for a likely productive and enjoyable interview.

Obviously I can finish this post by saying something like “…and here where Cangrade can help”, but it’s really not the point. The point is to explain what really motivate us to do what we do


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  1. Avatar mike   •  

    Very true… the most cost-effective and validated tools should be used as early as possible in the hiring proses, in order to focus the more expensive and personal evaluation techniques to a smaller, better-qualified pool of candidates.

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