It Feels Great to Make a Positive Difference

Here at Cangrade we are excited about science and technology. We could go on about algorithms, predictive analytics, and big data until you are unimaginably bored. We also have plenty to say about relevant topics such as how to predict success in the workplace, the value of hiring effective employees, the value of equal opportunity hiring, the hidden costs of employee turnover as well as the more obvious ones, and research on factors that impact employee retention, stress at work, and the health problems that it contributes to most.

Sometimes we get so caught up in what we do, we almost forget to mention why we are really here: To make a positive difference in the world. We use science and technology to help companies succeed—and in the process—we help them to avoid biases and increase the fairness of the hiring process for everyone.

While individual success stories are not particularly compelling to us as scientists, they are always a nice reminder that what we offer really does make a positive difference every day. For example, the Sheraton Portsmouth Harborside Hotel in Portsmouth, NH just revealed that they have significantly reduced employee turnover since they started using the Cangrade Candidate Assessment Platform (CAP). In the 8 months so far, they haven’t lost even a single new employee that was hired using Cangrade. This is amazing, considering that turnover rates in the hospitality industry are quite high, typically ranging from 30% to 300%. 0% is a big difference from that. Celeste Smith, the Director of Employee Experience told us that “the people we have hired since implementing the Cangrade Candidate Assessment Platform in October 2013 are still with the company. Cangrade has worked out great and made my life so much easier.”

That feels great. Another one down…and many, many more to go. So who’s next? Is it you?

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