Do IQ tests work for hiring?

IQ Tests: What are they good for?

Do IQ tests measure anything that actually translates to meaningful, real-world behavior? Should the general public, or hiring managers, care about a person’s IQ score? A brief history of IQ tests IQ tests were initially developed to test academic achievement in school children in early 20th century France but quickly gained popularity for widespread use. Critics claimed these early IQ […]

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Advice for building a healthy remote work culture

4 Ways to Develop a Healthy Remote Work Culture

Building a healthy remote work culture is a challenge in good times. Today, with everyone scrambling to adjust to working full-time from home, it’s even harder. Consciously developing a strong remote work culture has benefits that extend far beyond the bottom line and provides your team with the support they need to deliver. Remote Work Culture is Team Culture Some […]

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Research insights on gender parity to inform your DE&I strategy

New Research Insights for Leaders of Gender Parity

Viral stories of men in male-dominated industries feeling unheard and resisting efforts to reduce gender inequities abound. (Take a look at the “Google Memo” scandal). This exposes a serious need for organizational leaders to understand how to advocate for gender parity policies. Organizations must implement policies in a way that builds employee support and minimizes the consequences of employee backlash. […]

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How can you ensure that remote employees who can’t come back to the office remain on track professionally?

Out of Office, Out of Mind? Creating a Fair Experience for Remote Employees

Research has shown that remote employees suffer from a perceived lack of commitment . They also often miss out on key assignments and engagement opportunities necessary for promotion – no matter how passionate or productive they may be. And while extended periods of telecommuting have gone a long way towards changing attitudes, many remote employees report significant anxiety around the […]

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Why do so many change management initiatives fail?

Implementing Unbiased Hiring Practices: How to Practice Effective Change Management

Change, we all know, is inevitable. So why do so many change management initiatives fail?  Research has shown that a whopping 70% of transformation projects fall short of expectations due to one simple oversight: employee buy-in.  Harry Robinson, Senior Partner at McKinsey and head of the firm’s Transformation Practice notes: “During the early stages of the transformation, [the CEO] doesn’t […]

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