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Talent Management

Workforce Development

Navigate onboarding and upskilling with a data-driven approach

Set new hires up for success

Shorten the ramp-up period for your new hires. Our Pre-Hire Assessments identify your candidates’ strengths and areas of opportunity so you can customize onboarding to their needs. Leverage our Workforce Development tools to assign custom onboarding materials or any courses from our library, monitor completion, and see your new hires succeed.

Systematize your talent management process

Streamline and simplify your talent lifecycle management.

Transition applicants seamlessly from candidate to new hire with our Pre-Hire Assessments, Video Interviews, and onboarding tools. Then measure employee engagement and upskill your team with our Workforce Development and Workforce Engagement solutions.

Customize your learning and development program

Continue your employees’ development after onboarding.

Empower your team members with personalized development pathways targeted to the strengths and growth areas identified in their Pre-Hire Assessment. Assign and track the completion of learning materials, and measure the impact on their performance.

“Cangrade gives us valuable data that is accurate and helps us make the right decisions on the right people.”

Jonathan VanHoose

Recruiting Specialist at Big Sandy Superstores

Manage onboarding and upskilling remotely

Develop a remote onboarding and upskilling process that’s efficient, effective, and tailored to your team.

Armed with insights from candidates’ interviewing process, assign custom development courses, or leverage our course library, to upskill your team and oversee completion remotely.

Identify training needs and act immediately

Upskill your team and drive engagement from the moment training needs are uncovered.

Our Pre-Hire Assessments identify areas of opportunity and provide coaching tips before a new hire starts. While our Workforce Development solution helps you address critical skills gaps and foster continuous learning with unique training paths.

Improve employee performance with data-based insights

Give your employees exactly what they need to succeed.

Our Pre-Hire Assessments provide clear development priorities and tailored coaching tips to help you eliminate vague performance discussions. Share these insights with your team, to enable clear, concise feedback that sets your team members up for success.

How does it work?

How Workforce Development Works
Our assessment and your custom success model pinpoint development priorities.

Ready to see how Cangrade’s Workforce Development can improve your team’s performance?