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Talent Acquisition

Pre-Hire Assessments

Hire the right fit the first time

Hire up to 10x more accurately

Most traditional hiring methods are only slightly better than a coin toss when it comes to identifying potential top performers. Our AI-driven Success Models pinpoint the soft skills that make your top talent perform then power our Pre-Hire Assessments so that you can make the right hire the first time.

Streamline and simplify with AI technology

Narrow down your pool of applicants quickly, objectively, and more accurately than any traditional hiring method.

Our Pre-Hire Assessments empower your recruiters with instant insights into a candidate’s potential, efficiently honing in on the most promising candidates in your talent pool. Free up your recruiters’ time to dig deeper into candidates’ competency and development priorities and execute on your strategy.

Remove bias from talent acquisition

We believe in equity in hiring.

Our solutions are proven to have no adverse impact on any protected group. We continue to enhance our bias protections to cover more demographics, so that you can focus on building diverse and inclusive teams.

“As HR leaders, it’s exciting and validating to see our work yield such a clear and mesurable impact on Applied’s success.”

Kurt Loring

CHRO at Applied Industrial Technologies

Systematize the hiring process

Our Pre-Hire Assessment is a one-touch solution that provides an accurate prediction of success in any current or future role with your organization.

Empowered with this data, you can create a unified, efficient, and compliant talent management approach that encompasses talent acquisition, onboarding, development, and succession planning.

Take the guesswork out of remote hiring

Remote work calls for a unique set of soft skills.

We generate custom Success Models for every role, remote or in-office, to identify the soft skills that lead to candidates’ success. Then, powered by your Success Model, our Pre-Hire Assessments help you assess fit for remote positions accurately, objectively, and without scheduling hassles.

Optimize the candidate experience

Give your candidates a great hiring experience.

Our 14-minute Pre-Hire Assessment can be completed on any device or browser. Candidates then receive instant feedback on their core strengths, areas for growth, and top motivation. This fuels their professional development while building your talent brand.

How does it work?

Integrate with your talent management platform

Cangrade Pre-Hire Assessments integrate seamlessly into all major ATS systems.

Ready to discover your next top performers?