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Cangrade to Donate 1% of Revenue to Support the Humanitarian Crisis in Ukraine

Cangrade announces their support of the Ukrainian Cultural Center of New England

WATERTOWN, MA, April 27, 2022 – Cangrade, a bias-free, AI-based hiring solution that predicts job candidate success and retention, has announced that it will be donating 1% of it’s 2022 sales to the Ukrainian Cultural Center of New England to support the humanitarian crisis taking place in Ukraine. 

“We live at the time when businesses like Cangrade need to start playing a more active role in standing up for democracy,” shared Cangrade’s CEO Gershon Goren. “Cangrade’s commitment to work equity is inseparable from our commitment to basic human rights, such as the right to liberty, dignity and life itself. The stakes were never as high and as clear as they are now in Ukraine. Cangrade’s pledge is not limited to a one-time contribution as Ukraine will need our ongoing support. We hope to see more companies doing the same. Nobody has the luxury of staying impartial in the face of this upheaval.”

Cangrade’s donation will go to items for humanitarian relief. This includes tactical and medical supplies, hospital needs, and military needs for Ukrainians.

For more information about how you can donate to The Ukrainian Cultural Center of New England visit To learn more about Cangrade, contact us at or request a demo today.

About Cangrade:

Cangrade’s AI-based technology enables HR leaders to be strategic business partners that drive results. By seamlessly integrating data into talent management processes, Cangrade helps HR make accurate, efficient talent decisions from initial screening through promotions with 10x more accurate predictions of talent success than traditional hiring methods and a 0% chance of introducing bias. For more information, visit

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