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One Pre-employment Assessment Fits Any Role

Applicants take our brief assessment only once, and our Success Models score them for any role.

The Results

1 Cangrade's AI instantly provides you with a clear recommendation about each applicant and a single score that indicates their fit level to a job.

2 The assessment report highlights the personality traits shown to drive success as well as the candidate's strongest competencies and potential development priorities.

You Have 10 Candidates

What are the chances of hiring a top performer using these methods?
Phone Screening
IQ Test
Job Interview
Skill Test
Now, what are the chances of hiring a top performer with Cangrade's AI?
Cangrade Assessment
Learn about Cangrade Science

Need Skill Tests As Well? No Problem!

We offer a catalog of common skill tests and tools to create your own skill assessments.

Plug it into Your Process

Cangrade assessments are easily integratable in most Talent Acquisition platforms available on the market.
...and many more