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Job Engagement – More Than Just a Survey

Cangrade’s 2-minute survey gets vital engagement metrics from your team that predict future workplace success and employee retention.

Roots & Research

The Job Engagement Tracker (JET) is drawn from extensive empirical studies in organizational psychology as well as our own in-house interviews with business leaders and quantitative analysis of working Americans across different companies, jobs and industries.

Measures & Methods

JET measures employee engagement across four key areas:

1 Organizational Identity
2 Procedural Fairness
3 Supervisor Warmth
4 Role Clarity
JET’s short format allows it to be conducted regularly. Results can be analyzed in real time at the team or department level.

Engagement is Part of the Holistic Picture

Cangrade's AI creates a holistic Success Model linking your employees' job engagement data to their personality data. This modeling is used to make recommendations for hiring, development and promotion.