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Job Engagement Tracker (JET)

Capturing Employees' Engagement Early and Often

Cangrade’s Job Engagement Tracker (JET) is a survey tool that captures employees’ engagement in their work and perceptions of a positive work environment. The 14 questions in the inventory are inspired by extensive literature in organizational psychology related to employee engagement and perceptions of fairness, and were derived from interviews with business leaders and quantitative analysis of survey responses from hundreds of Americans employed in different companies, jobs and industries.

Pre-employment Interview Guide Questions and Follow-ups


Across several empirical studies, the JET has been shown to correlate strongly with important workplace outcomes including Job Satisfaction, Intrinsic Motivation, Turnover Intentions, and Optimism about future performance.

The JET may be examined in total, as a single, highly reliable and highly predictive measure of workplace engagement. However, the tool is also designed to break down into 4 related but independently important subscales. Every subscale of the JET correlates strongly with various workplace outcomes, but each one is also uniquely powerful in predicting particular outcomes above and beyond the other subscales.


JET messures the employee engagement on the following four scales:

  1. Engagement/Identity
  2. Procedural Fairness
  3. Supervisor Warmth
  4. Role Clarity

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