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Cangrade’s SAP SuccessFactors Integration

Streamline your pre- and post-hire strategies with Cangrade’s SAP SuccessFactors integration.

Cangrade’s SAP SuccessFactors integration optimizes your hiring process by instantly delivering your talent data where you need it.

By bringing Cangrade’s AI-driven candidate predictions of success and retention and insights that go deeper than any resume right into SuccessFactors, you can boost productivity, retention rates, and overall hiring efficiency. All while ensuring a bias-free candidate selection and delivering an exceptional candidate journey.

Cangrade's SAP SuccessFactors Integration

Leveraging Cangrade’s SAP SuccessFactors integration, teams using Cangrade’s hiring solutions and SAP SuccessFactors unify their hiring processes and candidates’ experiences by centralizing candidate information. This consolidated approach ensures you make the right hire, fast, without compromising hiring quality or the candidate experience.

Benefits of Cangrade’s SAP SuccessFactors Integration

Cangrade's 14 minute pre-hire assessment integrates with UKG

Cangrade’s SAP SuccessFactors Integration Features

View candidates' fit for alternate roles using Cangrade's pre-hire assessment integrated with UKG
Automatically check references with Cangrade's UKG integrated reference checking

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