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Cangrade’s Rival HR Integration

Make faster, better hiring decisions with Cangrade’s Rival HR integration. 

Cangrade’s AI-powered Pre-Hire Assessment instantly predicts candidate success and retention. Giving you the data you need to make the right hire, fast.

Start hiring your next generation of top performers while improving retention and hiring efficiency, and ensuring a bias-free hiring process and great candidate experience.

Learn how Cangrade's Rival HR integration can support your hiring and talent management.

Integrating Cangrade’s hiring and talent management solutions into Rival HR enables you to:

  • Hire efficiently and accurately by bringing your candidate data and insights data into your ATS 
  • Improve hiring quality and reduce false starts by making the right hire the first time.
  • Deliver a positive candidate experience with our 98% candidate satisfaction rating.

Benefits of Cangrade’s Rival HR Integration

Cangrade's 14 minute pre-hire assessment, hard skills assessments, video interviewing, and reference checking integrate with Rival HR

Cangrade’s Rival HR Integration Features

View candidates' fit for alternate roles using Cangrade's pre-hire assessment and hiring solutions integrated with Rival HR
Automatically check references with Cangrade's Jobvite integrated reference checking

Start streamlining your hiring with Cangrade’s Rival HR integration today.