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Cangrade’s NEOGOV Integration

Elevate your hiring process with Cangrade’s NEOGOV integration. 

Cangrade’s AI-powered Pre-Hire Assessment fuels your hiring with efficient, accurate predictions of job success and retention, so you drive higher performance, improve retention, and reduce time to hire. All while eliminating bias and delivering a great candidate experience.

Simplifying the hiring process with Cangrade and NEOGOV's integration

With Cangrade’s NEOGOV integration, you can:

  • Seamlessly integrate talent data in one place
  • Predict candidate success 10x more accurately
  • Decrease time to hire by narrowing your talent pool, quickly
  • Hire candidates who will succeed and stay
  • Make efficient and accurate hiring decisions
  • Deliver a first-rate candidate experience
  • Drive diversity in your organization

Benefits of Cangrade’s NEOGOV integration

Cangrade's 14 minute pre-hire assessment integrates with Jobvite

Cangrade’s NEOGOV Integration Features

Hire the future with Cangrade's Prompt Engineering Test

Transform your hiring with our NEOGOV integration.