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Cangrade’s Jobvite Integration

Level up your pre- and post-hire processes with Cangrade’s Jobvite integration. 

Cangrade’s AI-powered Pre-Hire Assessment identifies your top candidates by efficiently and precisely predicting job success and retention.

Helping you drive higher performance, retention, and hiring efficiency while ensuring a bias-free candidate selection and great candidate experience.

Cangrade's Jobvite integration unifies Cangrade's hiring software with Jobvite

With Cangrade’s Jobvite integration, you can:

  • Streamline your hiring process by consolidating your talent data into one platform 
  • Hire the right candidates from the start
  • Deliver a first-rate candidate experience

Benefits of Cangrade’s Jobvite Integration

Cangrade's 14 minute pre-hire assessment integrates with Jobvite

Cangrade’ s Jobvite Integration Features

View candidates' fit for alternate roles using Cangrade's pre-hire assessment integrated with Jobvite
Automatically check references with Cangrade's Jobvite integrated reference checking

Simplify your hiring with our Jobvite integration. Request a demo today.