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Cangrade’s Prime Integration with iCIMS

Strengthen your hiring today with Cangrade’s iCIMS integration.

Our iCIMS integration streamlines HR processes so leaders can focus on talent strategy, retention, and results.

As one of iCIMS’ select assessment providers with a Prime Integration, we ensure you hire the right fit, provide a seamless and positive candidate experience, and boost retention by consolidating all your candidate data in one place.

With Cangrade’s iCIMS integration, data from Cangrade’s Pre-Hire Assessment is automatically pulled into iCIMS, including candidate fit scores and insights into candidates’ strengths, development opportunities, and motivations, to help recruiters quickly and accurately narrow down their talent pools to top candidates.

Benefits of Cangrade’s iCIMS Prime Integration

Cangrade's 14 minute pre-hire assessment integrates with iCIMS

Cangrade’s iCIMS Prime Integration Features

View candidates' fit for alternate roles using Cangrade's pre-hire assessment integrated with iCIMS
Assess candidates' hard skills with Cangrade's iCIMS integrated skills assessments

Discover hiring efficiency with our iCIMS integration. Request a demo today.