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Talent decisions backed by data,
not gut

Cangrade’s talent management solutions make making the right talent decisions easy and bias-free, from hiring through promotions.

Spend your time on strategy and results, not talent decisions.

Cangrade’s talent management solutions give your team talent data they can’t get elsewhere.

Integrate predictions of talent success and retention right into your existing hiring and talent management processes. So your team is armed with the right data to make successful talent decisions and you free up time to focus on the big picture.

7 million assessments give, 10x more accurate predictions of success, 27% increase in interview to offer ratio, 0% chance of bias, 92% candidate satisfaction

Cangrade’s Solutions

Talent Screening and Hiring Solutions

Hire candidates who will succeed and stay with our Pre-Hire Assessments and Video Interviewing solutions.

Talent Management

Manage and engage your talent strategically with our assessments and Workforce Development tool.

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