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Why and How You Should Improve Employee Retention Pre-Hire [Webinar]

Improving employee retention is a common challenge across organizations today. We are all looking for ways to retain top talent and hire future employees who will stay. 

In this webinar, Dr. Liana Epstein, Cangrade’s Chief Analytics Officer, is joined by Michelle Coussens, Business Strategist with Plan B Consulting, to discuss why and how you should tackle retention pre-hire and throughout your talent lifecycle. 

Improving employee retention is commonly thought of as a post-hire issue. However, employee retention actually starts before you even make a hire. This webinar discusses the importance of thinking about retention pre-hire and how to go about addressing retention at the start of your talent lifecycle from many angles. A few of the tactics for improving employee retention that are highlighted include:

  • Hiring for soft skills
  • Understanding candidates’ motivations
  • The role of engagement surveys
  • How you can pre-determine if a candidate is more likely to stay 

“Retention is not only about fitting the candidate to the role, but the role to the candidate,” shares Dr. Liana Epstein. By focusing on retention before you make the hire, you will look for attributes and motivations that show if a candidate is more likely to stay and if they are a right fit for your role.

Watch now to start improving your retention strategy with these tips for improving employee retention pre-hire.

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