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The Top 10 Hard Skills to Put on Your Resume

Software development, cloud computing, data analysis – these are in-demand hard skills that come to mind as trending job requirements. But unless you’re applying for a job in these fields, it’s unlikely that you’ll encounter want to put these hard skills on your resume as a job applicant. 

So, what are the hard skills candidates need to get hired? To uncover which hard skills job applicants are most likely to need and should put on their resume, we looked at the data of our most frequently assigned hard skills assessments by companies across all industries in 2023. The most assessed skills were not trending skills. They’re probably hard skills you can put on your resume today or you can leverage online learning to acquire or brush up. 

Here are the most commonly assessed hard skills of 2023 and the top 10 hard skills you should put on your resume: 

  1. Technology Proficiency
  2. Typing 
  3. English Language Proficiency
  4. Spanish Language Proficiency
  5. Data Entry 
  6. English Grammar and Punctuation
  7. Basic Computer Literacy
  8. Reading Comprehension
  9. Administrative Fundamentals
  10. Writing

Technology Proficiency

Operating a computer and software programs is critical to productivity and efficiency in many roles. In-depth knowledge of how to use a computer, internet browsers, and software applications are the key components of this hard skill.


The ability to type accurately and quickly is imperative to many roles across an organization. A high typing speed, measured in Words Per Minute (WPM), sets employees up for success.

English Language Proficiency

Communication is critical to an organization’s operation. If a business operates in an English-speaking country or serves English-speaking customers, both written and verbal English language skills are required.

Spanish Language Proficiency

In organizations operating in Spanish-speaking countries or for companies serving bilingual customers, proficiency in written and oral Spanish becomes a critical job skill you should add to your resume. 

Data Entry

For roles that enter data from a source into a database system, accuracy, attention to detail, and efficiency are a requirement. Job applicants must be familiar with various data types and formats and spreadsheet and database systems to succeed. 

English Grammar and Punctuation

Beyond English language proficiency, spotting the correct and incorrect usage of English grammar and punctuation is a hard skill that helps employees avoid miscommunications and errors.

Basic Computer Literacy

Similar to Technology Proficiency, this hard skill entails more basic knowledge about your computer, browser, and email but is just as critical to productivity and efficiency.

Reading Comprehension

For customer service and sales roles, analyzing and understanding complex written information is critical to the employee and organization’s success. Reading comprehension includes capturing the main idea, supporting details, inferences, and vocabulary in written communication.

Administrative Fundamentals

Administrative roles are essential to the smooth operation of any business. This hard skill combines the computer and communication basics needed for an administrative role. 


Taking the tenth spot, writing is the fifth hard skill on our list of skills you should add to your resume centering on communication. This hard skill goes beyond spotting correct and incorrect language usage to see how well a candidate can write from a prompt.

While the trending skills that job applicants need are constantly changing as new roles and industries are created and technology is introduced, these 10 hard skills are the foundational skills job applicants need to succeed in almost any role and should add to their resume to get hired in the coming year. 

50% of the top hard skills assessed in 2023 centered on written and verbal communication. While the remaining 50% involved the use of technology. 20% of the assessed hard skills focused solely on the ability to use a computer and software in a role. Acquiring, maintaining, and adding these hard skills to your resume ensures your marketability as a job candidate and your ability to get hired in the upcoming year. 

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Download the infographic with these insights below.

Download the infographic recapping the top 10 hard skills recruiters test with hard skills testing