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How to Narrow Down Your Talent Pool with Cangrade’s Job Fit Assessment and Scoring

The labor market is still tight – no matter how you slice the statistics.  Harvard Business Review recently reported that in January 2023, employers added more than 517,000 jobs, exceeding expectations.  However, there are still almost two job openings for each unemployed worker as of December 2022. 

However, companies don’t want to hire just to hire.  That’s a recipe for disaster.  Hiring the “right” person for the role is the way to go, even with the challenges of filling open positions in a tight market.

Often hiring the “right” person often comes down to job fit. Keep reading to find out how Cangrade’s job fit assessment and scoring tools can help you narrow down your talent pool, helping you identify the “right” person for the job.

What Is Job Fit?

Job fit occurs when a candidate’s hard and soft skills, experiences, and goals match those required by the job itself. To find a candidate that “fits” the job, recruiters use job fit assessment tools, helping them to measure job fit indicators such as skill, abilities, values, personality traits, personal needs, and knowledge, among others.

By measuring these attributes, employers can better identify top performers who fit the job and your organization. For example, measuring certain personality traits can indicate whether an employee will become bored with their job.  Further, understanding a person’s communication skills can determine whether the job candidate is a good fit for a managerial position.

Evaluating these job fit attributes –  before a job offer is made – helps recruiting professionals to make better hiring decisions.

How Do Cangrade’s Job Fit Assessment Tools Narrow Down Your Talent Pool?

With Cangrade’s hiring solutions, employers can accurately predict job fit for your specific open role as well as your organization and industry. Here are some specific ways how we do this:

  • Uncover the perfect fit for internal candidates with our assessment and multi-way scoring. With an easy-to-interpret fit score, you’ll know just how likely your talent is to thrive in their role. And with multi-way scoring, you’ll be able to see if there’s a better fit for them elsewhere, without their needing to take another assessment.
  • Learn what makes your talent tick with our candidate reports. Leverage insights into candidates’ strengths, development opportunities, and career motivations to build employee mobility and make the right internal hiring decisions. Then share tailored coaching tips with managers to ensure your employee starts their new role on the right foot.
  • Set employees up to be happy and thrive in their roles by understanding how likely they are to succeed and stay before a lateral career move or promotion. Once they’re in their new position, utilize the insights from their candidate report to fuel their career development and keep them engaged.
  • Avoid bias, favoritism, and the Peter Principle by using the same assessment to predict candidate success for internal and external hires. Cangrade’s patented bias-free technology ensures your internal hiring process is fair and equitable.

But it all starts with a solid foundation, helping you set your recruiting strategy up for success while finding the right people at the right time. From your pre-hire assessments to managing your talent through promotions, having a pre-planned strategy – based on objective and bias-free data – can help you keep your competitive edge while continuously improving the quality of your hires.  Find the right talent for the right role at the right time.

Contact Cangrade today to request a demonstration of our job fit assessment and scoring tools.