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How Psychometric Assessments Help You Measure Success

Determining which candidates are right for your open roles can often seem like a combination of strong instincts, intuition, and a little bit of a lucky guess. Βut there’s a better way to evaluate candidates and their skills to see if they’re a fit for your open role: psychometric assessments. 

What is a Psychometric Assessment? 

Psychometric assessments are tests that are designed to assess a candidate’s skills, knowledge, and personality to determine if they’re suited for an open role. They can test for both hard skills and soft skills, and help to objectively sort out the most qualified candidates for a particular job. 

Psychometric assessments can measure skills and competencies, aptitude, abilities, personality traits, learning and behavioral styles, and more. They’re 

Psychometrics have a long history, going back millennia. And they’re increasingly common in the talent recruitment process today. That’s because they offer many benefits to recruiters and HR teams in today’s challenging talent environment. 

How Psychometric Assessments Benefit HR Professionals 

Psychometric assessments are a very valuable tool for recruiters, hiring managers, and HR teams. They offer a quantitative way to assess each candidate’s hard and soft skills, compare them to the ones required by the position, and compare their scores against one another as well. 

Since psychometric assessments can gather information on so many facets of a candidate’s working, learning, and personality traits, they offer a wealth of information to HR teams that they can leverage to find the candidate who is the best fit for each role—and quickly too. 

And hiring the wrong person is an expensive mistake—it wastes both money and time. Psychometric assessments are not perfect, and they typically should not be the only step in your hiring process, but they can very effectively narrow down who is truly qualified and unqualified in your talent pool. 

How to Use Psychometric Assessments in Your Hiring Process

Incorporating psychometric assessments into your hiring process might sound intimidating, but it’s simply a matter of finding the right assessment and adding it into your existing process, at a minimum. 

However, there are several common pitfalls to beware of with assessments.

  • Don’t make them overly long too early in the process, or you’ll discourage good candidates from applying. 
  • Be sure you know exactly what skills and capabilities you want to test for—don’t try to test for everything all at once, or you’ll have too much unrelated data to sort through. 
  • And be sure to test for soft skills like communication and creativity as well as hard skills to ensure your assessment is well-rounded. 

Psychometric assessment tools, like Cangrade’s Pre-Hire Assessments, can help you create the perfect assessment for each open role. Cangrade’s assessments are also bias-free so you can be sure you’re not adding unconscious bias into your hiring process. 

And our assessment system also allows you to match candidates up with any of your open roles based on their results, not just the one they applied for, so you can effectively widen your talent pool.

Try Cangrade today with a free demo and see for yourself!