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Hiring in the Hybrid Work Environment: 3 Tips for Recruiting Managers

Working from home—at least part-time—is expected to be the new norm as we look to the future of work. According to a recent study by McKinsey, nine out of ten companies will pursue a hybrid work model, combining work from home with on-site presence.

Although most employers plan for a hybrid model moving forward, not many have prepared for how that looks in practice. According to the same McKinsey study, only one in ten companies “have begun communicating and piloting the [hybrid] vision.” 

Hiring in a hybrid work environment is one of those business practices that needs redefining. After all, “[h]iring is among the most crucial processes to reconsider in the hybrid world.” So how do HR leaders facilitate hiring in a hybrid model?

Read on to learn three tips for hiring in the new hybrid model of work.

1. Redefine your work expectations

Work post-pandemic requires human resources leaders to shift their thinking about recruiting and hiring. But it requires more than just a mind shift—you need to formalize your expectations around hybrid work models and new expectations. 

Documenting your expectations to writing in this new style of work is critical. Remember, these evolving work environments are not just new to employers, but they’re new to employees too. 

How do you approach redefined, consistent, and objective expectations?

First, you may need to take a step back and redefine specific roles. After all, how can you hire if the position isn’t well-defined? Then, when defining that role, you’ll need to decide whether it can be performed remotely, in person, or a combination of the two—the hybrid approach.

Once you decide if and how each role adapts to a hybrid model, then you’ll need to redefine how you measure productivity in each position. With many companies moving away from a workplace that rewards hours worked to one that instead celebrates output, the global pandemic swiftly accelerated this pivot. 

You should also redefine how managers and supervisors oversee their teams.

And all of this needs to be reduced to written policies and procedures. After all, you can’t begin hiring in a hybrid work environment if you haven’t built redefined foundations. 

2. Use pre-hire assessment tools to improve hybrid recruitment

Implementing AI-powered pre-hire assessment tools into your recruiting process is another strategy for hiring in a hybrid work environment. With pre-hire assessment tools, you can objectively narrow down your pool of applicants while determining which candidates are most competent to thrive in a hybrid model.

For example, remote work requires a specific set of soft skills, such as accountability, collaboration, creativity, problem-solving, and social awareness, to name a few. With intelligent pre-hire assessment tools, you can create models for every role, remote or in-office, identifying the necessary soft skills for the current job opening and future roles within your company. 

And there’s another bonus. Through pre-hire assessments, candidates can get a glimpse inside your company, understanding who you are and what you’re looking for. After all, hiring is a two-way street. 

3. Connect with talent by using video interviews

Hybrid work environments allow for creativity, flexibility, and individuality. Your interview processes should adhere to these attributes as well. 

Video interviews offer immense flexibility, as they can be pre-recorded, taking place at any time, from anywhere. And it’s not just candidates who benefit from this. Your team members can review these interviews once completed, individually and at a time convenient for them. 

No time zone juggling. No more scheduling hassles.

Additionally, if you utilize Cangrade’s pre-hire assessments to narrow your talent pool—specific to the hybrid work environment— you’ll have bias-free structured interview questions to use in your interviews, allowing you to keep your talent pipeline moving.

Now is the time to redefine your hiring processes in this quickly evolving work environment. Super-charge your talent management process with the most accurate prediction of employee success on the market, bias-free. See how Cangrade can support your hybrid work environment hiring process. Find out more.