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7 Skill Assessment Test Benefits You Need to Know About

Hiring the right person for an open role is challenging – every HR pro knows this all too well. How can you tell from a resume and a brief interview whether a candidate’s skills will fit the position? This goes for both hard skills and soft ones. You need to know because you want to be sure you’re bringing in the best talent. Fortunately, that’s one of many skill assessment test benefits you can reap if you use them in your organization.  

The 7 Top Skill Assessment Test Benefits

There are many benefits to including skill assessment tests as part of your hiring process. Here are the top seven you should know about that might inspire you to include these tests in your own organization.

1. Objectively Screening Candidates 

The hiring process is filled with potential bias, even if your hiring managers and HR team are well-intentioned and committed to diversity. Bias can creep into many areas, often in subtle ways.  

But screening candidates based on their skills, instead of their “cultural fit” or “connection” with their interviewers, can bring some much-needed objectivity to the process. Skills tests give you objective criteria to measure candidates on. 

2. Improve Hiring Equity 

And that increased objectivity can also help you increase hiring equity. Hiring equity not only increases your organization’s diversity but can also increase your hiring speed and give you more candidates to consider – which is one of the key skill assessment test benefits.  

3. Find Top Candidates Quickly 

You might be missing out on candidates who would be a strong fit for your organization because your hiring team is overly focused on experience or specific degrees instead of skills. 

And in today’s tough hiring environment, you can’t afford to overlook less-traditional applicants who might have everything they truly need to succeed in their role. A pre-hiring skill assessment test can enable you to find top candidates you might have otherwise overlooked, without wasting valuable time. 

4. Reduce HR Workload

Your HR and recruitment teams are probably swamped. One of the major skill assessment test benefits is that they can help lighten the load on your hiring teams by surfacing the applicants who are likely the best fit for the role. 

Of course, if none of those top candidates work out, your team can then move on to the next round. But having the most promising candidates identified efficiently means your recruiting team can focus their time on the rest of the hiring process such as interviews. 

5. Speed Up Hiring

Speed is an important factor in hiring these days. In fact, 35% of candidates say they didn’t accept an offer because the hiring manager was too slow to get it to them, and they took another position instead. 

By using pre-hire assessments, you can take advantage of the skill assessment test benefits of faster hiring cycles as you find the best candidates more quickly. 

6. Increase Soft Skill Fit

Hard skills are important in the hiring process – you want to be sure employees know the basic skills of the job. But many hard skills can be trained, so hiring for soft skills like good communication and adaptability (which are much more difficult to train) is essential. 

Hiring for soft skills can actually increase your bottom line, as well as enhance the productivity of your whole team. Knowing when in the hiring process to use skill assessment tests benefits your team because you can add the right test at the right step of the recruitment journey. 

7. Boost Retention

Hiring isn’t just about getting the right person in the door – it’s about building a team that will be there for your company’s future. 

With the best skill assessment tests, like Cangrade’s Pre-Hire Assessments, your company can not only remove bias and speed up hiring, but you can also ensure you’re hiring for long-term fit and increase your retention rates. 

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