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25 Ways Cangrade’s Soft Skills Assessment Will Level Up Your Hiring

Soft skills like communication, teamwork, and adaptability are invaluable for success in any organization. With the evolution of technology and AI, to build a skills-based organization that’s ready for the future, soft skills are even more paramount. However, the soft skills your employees need to succeed are unique to your role and organization. A team member with a strong preference for teamwork will likely thrive in a larger collaborative team but struggle on a similarly sized team that’s more siloed. 

To help hiring teams identify the personality traits their candidates need to succeed and pinpoint the candidates that have them, Cangrade leverages its patented bias-free, AI-based soft skills assessment. Here are 25 ways Cangrade’s pre-hire assessments can drive your hiring initiatives and organization forward.

1. Better your hiring quality

Cangrade’s soft skills assessment delivers valuable insights beyond traditional resumes and interviews. By assessing candidates on the soft skills it takes to succeed in your open role, you’ll know each candidate’s predicted fit and retention, strengths, development opportunities, and motivations so that you can make more informed hiring decisions.

2. Boost hiring efficiency

Screening candidates can be time-consuming and costly for organizations. With Cangrade’s hiring assessments, you can efficiently identify top candidates and narrow down your talent pool, saving time and resources.

3. Customize to your needs

Each organization has unique requirements and values. Cangrade’s soft skills assessments are customized to your specific job and organization, allowing you to evaluate candidates on the soft skills that lead to better business KPIs at your company.

4. Build retention before you hire

Hiring candidates with the right soft skills not only enhances job performance but also increases employee satisfaction and engagement. Cangrade’s hiring assessments help you identify individuals who are more likely to thrive in your organization and pinpoint those who are more likely to stay, leading to improved retention rates and reduced turnover costs.

5. Increase hiring accuracy

Relying solely on resumes and interviews can be unreliable when assessing soft skills. Cangrade’s pre-hire assessment is 10 times more accurate than traditional hiring methods and validated for every role, improving your hiring accuracy. 

6. Remove bias from your screening process

Cangrade’s soft skills assessment not only helps you objectively compare candidates for fair and consistent evaluation but employs our patented bias-removal process. Ensuring your screening decisions have a 0% chance of bias and leveling the playing field for all applicants.

7. Reduce false starts

Cangrade’s assessments leverage predictive analytics to forecast a candidate’s potential success and retention within your organization. By utilizing data-driven insights, employers can make more accurate predictions about a candidate’s future job performance, reducing false starts.

8. Build your competitive edge

In today’s competitive talent landscape, organizations that prioritize soft skills in their hiring process gain a significant competitive advantage. By utilizing Cangrade’s soft skills assessments, you can maximize your talent pool by tapping into underrepresented groups and ensure that your workforce has the essential skills needed to succeed in a rapidly evolving business environment.

9. Scale with your hiring volume

It doesn’t matter if your candidate pool is in the hundreds or thousands, Cangrade’s soft skills assessment easily scales to match your hiring volumes without any extra effort from your recruitment team.

10. Let automation do the heavy lifting

Free up time for your recruiting team to focus on the human part of human resources by automating the candidate screening process. With Cangrade, you can leverage automation to invite candidates to your soft skills assessment, identify your top performers, and move them along in your hiring process.

11. Set new hires up for success

Cangrade’s soft skills assessments deliver hiring teams insights into candidates’ development opportunities, so managers and HR teams can create targeted onboarding plans to upskill new hires as needed to ensure their success and growth.

12. Optimize your teams

With team reports, Cangrade empowers managers and hiring teams with insights into the strengths, opportunities, and motivations of their team as a whole to facilitate building and upskilling a high-performing, engaged team.

13. Deliver a stand-out candidate experience

Build a hiring assessment experience that matches your talent brand, is accessible, less than 14 minutes long, and gives candidates instant feedback on their top strengths at work. All backed by Cangrade’s 98% candidate satisfaction rating.

14. Grow your talent pool

Increase candidates’ opportunities and your ability to close open roles quickly. With Cangrade’s patented multi-way scoring feature you can identify a candidate’s potential fit for multiple open roles using just one assessment. 

15. Maintain compliance

Cangrade is EEOC and ADA-compliant, holds the only patent for bias removal from AI, and prides itself on its ethical AI. Add on security features like in-transit and at-rest encryption, two-factor authentication, SAML-based single sign-on, and activity logging and auditing and you can rest assured your talent data is safe with us.

16. Ensure accessibility

Include everyone in your hiring process. Cangrade’s hiring assessment is accessible from any device and ADA compliant, so every candidate can complete your application process and you build hiring equity.

17. Build a future-ready workforce

Hiring for soft skills ensures that your workforce will be able to adapt and learn the hard skills that your team will need as technology and roles evolve. With our hiring assessment, you’ll identify the candidates that have what it takes now and into the future.

18. Simplify with one solution for all your pre-hire needs

With Cangrade’s bias-free hiring and talent management platform alone, you can leverage:

19. Build internal mobility

Pinpoint your existing talent that who will succeed in a lateral move or promotion. Using Cangrade’s multi-way scoring you can use employees existing assessment results to predict their fit in a new role and the upskilling they will need to succeed.

20. Develop a leadership pipeline

Discover your next leaders with insights on candidate strengths, development opportunities, and motivations from our soft skills assessment. Then predict their fit in a leadership role with our multi-way scoring.

21. Lean on our best-in-class support

Hiring assessments shouldn’t be a set-it-and-forget-it experience. Our Customer Success team is the winner of G2’s best in support for pre-hire assessments, so you get top-notch expertise and the help you and your candidates need when you need it. 

22. Unify your talent data with integrations

Increase the utility of your talent data and your efficiency by integrating Cangrade’s hiring assessment into your existing tech stack. With an integration library with over 15 integrations and custom integrations, we fit into any ATS or HRIS.

23. Keep cheaters out of your talent pool

Cangrade’s pre-hire assessment is randomized, leverages IP checking, and is custom-built for your specific open role and organization, so there is no answer key. Add on an additional layer of security by taking snapshots of the candidate throughout the assessment experience.

24. Prove the ROI on hiring

Gain a seat at the table by demonstrating the effect hiring has on your organization’s success and optimizing it year-over-year. Cangrade’s pre-hire assessment is tied to the KPIs that matter to your business, so you can see the direct impact on hiring in your metrics.

25. Modernize your hiring process, no matter your business size

No matter if your business is scaling or downsizing, our pre-hire assessment adapts with you. Cangrade’s soft skills assessment is built to support the hiring needs of small, mid-size, and enterprise businesses in any job market.

Cangrade’s soft skills assessments offer a robust and scientifically validated approach to evaluating candidates’ soft skills. By incorporating our pre-hire assessments into your hiring process, you can make the right talent decisions fast and build a high-performing workforce without bias. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to gain a competitive edge in the talent marketplace – request a demo of Cangrade’s soft skills assessments today.

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