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Prioritizing Mental Health in HR – 4 Key Insights

HR professionals are incredibly skilled at caring for the people in their organizations: they are tasked with looking after employee and manager wellbeing, engagement, productivity, relationships, development, and much more. That’s a lot of responsibility for one team, and it means that the HR field tends to attract people who are great at looking after the happiness and comfort of others. 

But all that caretaking and responsibility can wear on even the most seasoned HR professional after a while (especially after the shifts, challenges, and changes of the past four years). Plus, finding the time, energy, and resources to tend to your own mental health often falls by the wayside.  

HR and mental health should be natural companions, but with all the tasks on the HR department’s plate right now, that self-care doesn’t happen as often as it should. You need a proactive, thoughtful strategy to care for and improve HR’s mental health during busy seasons and beyond. 

If you’re in HR and mental health is a priority for you (as it should be!), then these four actionable, data-backed tips will help you take the steps you need to care for yourself. 

You can tackle these tips on your own, or use them to improve your whole HR team’s mental health if you’re a manager or a leader. Download it and share it today, whether you email it, print and post it in your office, or drop it in the HR team Slack. They can help you and your whole HR department feel less overextended and more like the whole, real human beings you are.

Download the infographic with these insights below.