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4 Holiday HR Productivity Must-Haves

The holiday season is here again: it’s a time to relax with loved ones and unwind from a busy year. But while thoughts are on all the good food and drinks to come, the lights and decorations, and upcoming time off of work, it’s not always a very productive season for HR teams. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way, especially since there are still important tasks to be ticked off the list before a new year begins. There are still positions to fill, year-end updates to complete, and PTO schedules to manage, among many other critical tasks. How can your team keep up productivity in HR through the festive season so that your department finishes this year strong and starts the new one off on the right foot?

These four holiday productivity for HR tips will help your team stay on track with work, but they’ll do more than that: they’ll also ensure everything is set up so all of your employees can take the time off they’ve earned without feeling like they’re behind. And they’ll come back to work rested, refreshed, and set up for success in the new year. 

The keys to all four of these tips are simple: being proactive so no essential tasks get missed, setting achievable goals to boost motivation, recognizing that employees would benefit from extra flexibility right now, and empowering managers to handle tasks on their own. With this list of downloadable tips, you’ll be able to lead your HR team to a productive winter season and into the new year with renewed engagement and excitement.

Download the infographic with these insights below.