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Good Leadership and Its Impact on Employee Wellbeing: Your Go-To Resources

When individuals decide to leave an organization, it’s common to hear that leadership or management influenced their decisions. In today’s workforce, leadership teams who push growth opportunities, drive DE&I initiatives, and prioritize their employees’ happiness and well-being, are the ones who maintain top talent. 

So, what can leaders do to retain employees? Work on becoming a good leader that values employee wellbeing.? Here are a few things to help you evaluate if you are a good leader:

  • Do your employee benefits support employee mental health?
  • Is there a learning and development strategy in place?
  • Are you hiring fairly? Does your hiring process drive diversity?
  • Have you created new priorities for the year?
  • Do you welcome feedback? 
  • How important is collaboration to you? Are you actively listening to your staff?
  • Are others allowed to step up? Would your teams agree?
  • Do you set the example of a healthy work-life balance?

Here are some resources from HR professionals and leaders to help you get started.

Josh Bersin in The Secret to Wellbeing at Work is …Leadership

 Josh Bersin states that there is more to being a successful leader than driving revenue and results, sharing that “Managers and leaders have a much bigger role than “driving results.” We are responsible for taking care of people, monitoring our own behavior, and making sure we are creating a net-positive impact on the entire organization.”

And, “Just as companies mandate compliance training on diversity, harassment, and anti-money laundering, they are now including education on stress, anxiety, and behavioral health for leaders. I think this is a massive and important trend. Leadership is key to well-being at work.”

3 Leadership Principles Every New Leader Needs to Know from People Managing People 

People Managing People suggests new leaders ask, “what makes people want to follow you?” and “how should you handle it when things go wrong?” As a new leader, are you asking these questions?

What Michael Dell Says Leaders Are Doing Wrong by Jill Christensen

For employees who prefer to work remotely, do you offer flexibility as a way of recognizing their desired work culture and well-being? “Hybrid work environments are the future and they are here to stay.” shares Jill Christensen

List of HR Manager Interview Questions by Workology

When leaders hire leaders and look for new management, are you asking the right questions? What makes a leader successful and what should you look for when hiring them? Workology shares a list of interview questions to consider. 

Are You Ready to Lead Through Uncertainty by TalentCulture

Over the last few years especially, the market has kept us all on our toes. With the uncertainty and unknowns, what can strong leaders do? TalentCulture highlights communication, transparency and offering remote work flexibility here

Be a Kind Leader Rather Than a Nice Leader by OSU

Are you a nice leader or a kind leader? “Being kind can be uncomfortable; it requires empathy, self-awareness, vulnerability, humility, and emotional intelligence, all characteristics that are easy to dismiss or discard for fear of appearing weak. But kindness is the opposite of weakness; it takes courage. And it is contagious. Now go be a kind leader.” shared

There are many factors that contribute to good leadership, But what is clear is how important it is to connect with employees, stay relevant and listen.

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