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Ensuring Your DE&I Technology Drives Diversity

DE&I initiatives are a critical priority for many organizations. But HR teams can encounter serious roadblocks along the way, like humans’ unconscious bias. To overcome unconscious bias, forward-thinking companies are onboarding AI-driven diversity technology.

But AI can be a worse offender than humans. If not built and managed carefully, the automation behind AI can rapidly scale biases. In our HR West 2021 session, Dr. Liana Epstein, Chief Analytics and Operating Officer at Cangrade, shared tactics for ensuring you use AI ethically and optimize the relationship between your HR team and your AI. Using these tactics, you can confidently deploy an AI-based diversity technology to build DE&I at your organization.

Here are a few of those strategies:

  1. Be choosy with the data your AI learns on. Make sure that any AI tool you use learns on an unbiased set of data so as not to codify the biases humans bring to work with them.
  2. Keep humans and AI in their respective lanes. AI thrives at certain HR evaluative tasks but struggles with others. Just as your team does. Learn how to play towards their strengths.
  3. Maintain open lines of communication. Give humans insight into the “black box” that AI can be, and make sure the AI can learn from the insights that humans have along the way.

Watch the full session on how to ensure your diversity technology actually drives diversity:

To see how Cangrade can support you with ethical, bias-free diversity technology contact us today. Or learn more about our science here.