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Celebrate International Recruiters Day With These 3 Steps

To say that recruiting professionals have faced an uphill battle over the last couple of years is quite an understatement. But hundreds of thousands of recruiting professionals globally have risen to the recent recruiting challenges, identifying, attracting, and hiring the right talent for your organization.

Recruiters have braved the waters of the Great Resignation, the Great Regret, and the Great Layoffs – among others – all since 2020, and yet have brilliantly navigated this tight labor market while helping employers offer fulfilling, diverse, and flexible work.

And yet, we’re often moving too fast these days to stop and say thank you to our recruiting professionals – who more than deserve our gratitude.

With International Recruiters Day coming up on April 14, 2023, you can stop, recognize, and appreciate these team members with the following three steps.

1. Say Thank You

What better way to celebrate your recruiting professionals than to simply say “thank you.” This acknowledgment is not only nice to hear but the statistics prove that saying thanks matters.

According to a recent study, when workers are thanked, they are:

  • Less likely to look for a new job
  • Twice as likely to be highly engaged at work.
  • Three times as likely to think their work has meaning and purpose.
  • Over two times likely to be happy at work.

And, with not enough recruiters to go around, companies definitely want recruiters to stay (and be happy) in their current roles.

2. Praise All Things – Large and Small

When recognizing employees, we often focus on the big “wins.” However, the small day-to-day tasks shouldn’t be overlooked when praising employees – after all, this is the glue that holds your talent acquisition together. 

Additionally, identifying, appreciating, and praising smaller tasks and achievements helps boost a sense of purpose for your recruiting professionals, making discrete, daily tasks meaningful. And the more meaningful the work, the more likely your recruiting professionals are committed to you and your hiring goals.

3. Express Your Gratitude

Go beyond thank-yous – especially on International Recruiters Day – by celebrating your gratitude. Stuck on some simple and inexpensive ways to celebrate your recruiting professionals?  Here’s a handful of fun, easy ideas for April 14th.

  • Treat your recruiters to lunch or cater a fun lunch onsite
  • Send your remote employees a gift certificate to use at their favorite restaurant or coffee shop
  • Offer extra PTO days
  • Boast on your recruiters at the company all-hands
  • Send a handwritten thank you note, personalizing it for each recruiter
  • Offer a monetary bonus or perk
  • Celebrate with the whole team with a dinner out

But don’t let your celebration stop on April 14th.  These hard-working professionals should be celebrated throughout the year. Your recognition of your recruiters will be more effective if you celebrate teams and individuals, share the spotlight, show continued recognition and appreciation throughout the year, and celebrate work accomplishments as they happen.

Looking for ways to recognize and appreciate your recruiting employees? Cangrade can help you manage your talent so they can find you more.