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Building a Diverse Workforce Through Remote Working

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) is a major focus for many organizations. One way to support a more diverse workforce and culture is to implement a remote recruiting and hiring strategy. The benefits of hiring and working remotely include not only an increase in your pool of candidates but also the promotion of DE&I in your recruiting process and overall organizational culture. Below are 5 benefits of remote work on diversity:

1. Limitless geographical boundaries

A remote work environment expands your talent pool and accessibility to various options you may not have had within your geographical limitations. Even in the surrounding areas of your office location, you might find candidates that could commute occasionally but would struggle with a long daily commute. As long as the candidates meet the job description requirements and have access to the necessary technology, the opportunities for a remote diverse workforce are endless.

2. Increase in accessibility

An additional benefit of remote work on diversity is increasing accessibility to those who have difficulty leaving their home, such as those with disabilities or without the ability to drive. These candidates may also require workspace modifications, which can be done, or may exist, in their own home. Providing a position to these populations will not only promote a diverse workforce but will also provide inclusivity to disabled populations and those in lower-income households that don’t have reliable transportation.

3. Obtainable work environment for caregivers

Career opportunities for caregivers can be limited. Access to a job where they can work in the same location as they provide care gives them a path to their own professional development that may not have been within their reach previously. This provides opportunities for new mothers returning to work, single parents caring for young children, those caring for sick or elderly parents or relatives, and even pet owners. 

4. Availability & retention for moving talent

At times you may have an employee in a dual-income family where one spouse is subject to relocation, such as military families. Military families are particularly prone to frequent and sometimes last-minute moves, leaving the other partner’s career unavoidably malleable with numerous changes. One of the benefits of remote work on diversity allows an organization to hire and retain spouses in these situations, providing them an opportunity to sustain a position and grow. 

5. Increase in general interest & overall success

More applicants may apply simply because the option for remote work is seen as a benefit when searching for open positions. These candidates strive for a better work-life balance, save money commuting, benefit from flexible work arrangements, feel more accomplished due to an increase in productivity, and promote a positive impact on the environment, amongst other benefits. 

There are many benefits of building a diverse remote workforce and culture within your organization. By widening your talent pool through remote work recruiting, you may have an overabundance of prospective candidates throughout your application process. Cangrade helps narrow your pool of applicants through a Job Description Decoder and Pre-Hire Assessments, making this process streamlined and unbiased.