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6 Ways Automated Reference Checking Software Accelerates Hiring

In a desperate bid to get the roles they want, some candidates give fake references to potential employers. Since you can’t simply identify which references are real or fake, reference checking is a necessity. 

Reference checking, contacting previous employers provided by the candidate to assess their experience, validates or nullifies candidates’ claims and helps you decide which candidates to proceed with.

But traditional reference checking is filled with potential pitfalls – from scheduling issues to unconscious bias. Enter reference checking software. Automated reference checking software improves the hiring process in ways that reference checking via phone can’t do. Keep reading for the power of automated reference software in hiring.        

6 Ways Automated Reference Checking Software Improves Your Hiring 

Automated reference checking software can boost your hiring efficiency in various ways, here are just a handful.

1. It saves time

Automated reference checking software saves time—a vital factor in today’s competitive recruitment market. Traditional reference checking involves phone calls, follow-ups, and more, which usually takes at least a few hours to a few days. Enough time to lose a high-quality candidate.

Reference checking software makes the process more efficient as reference requests are sent out with the push of a button, allowing the reference givers to answer at their convenience with no stress. Reference data is then gathered from multiple sources and compiled into a platform, ready for recruiters in a relatively short period. 

What’s more, it saves time by allowing your recruiting and hiring professionals to attend to other critical aspects of the hiring process while reference checking takes care of itself.    

2. Elimination of bias

Objectivity is crucial in the hiring process. Automated reference checking software makes the process unbiased, ensuring that each candidate is assessed based on their skills and experiences not the recruiters’ sentiment about the conversation. Here’s how it removes bias:  

  1. A standardized set of questions ensures each candidate is evaluated on the same criteria to avoid favoring any candidate. 
  2. Reference givers have enough time to think through their responses, avoiding generalizations and snap judgments.
  3. Automated reference checking records reference responses in full without subjectivity, providing all hiring team members to review objective reference data. 
  4. The standardized format of automated reference checking systems and the anonymity feature that hides the identity of the reference giver encourage objectivity and disclosure of positive and negative candidate information.        

3. Authenticity and accuracy

With traditional reference checking, authenticating references can prove challenging. There’s practically no way to confirm that the person on the other end of the call is who they claim to be. However, the automated setup allows you to seamlessly confirm that the references are genuine. 

It also erases the risk of mistakes in the form of omission or misinterpretation of data. By recording and saving the references exactly as provided by the reference givers, there’s no room for human error, enabling you to make informed hiring decisions.

4. Deeper insight into candidates’ suitability

Instead of brief, half-baked answers about your candidates, automated reference checking software ensures that you get detailed responses. It allows you to craft role-specific questions that help collect the information you need for the ideal hiring decision. Pair that with the fact that it affords the reference givers enough time for concentration and well-thought answers and you’ll get a richer perspective of the skills, experiences, and tendencies of each candidate.  

Cangrade’s reference checking software takes it a step further by: 

  • Consolidating the necessary information into a simple report and score
  • Allowing structured reference collection and customizable open comment fields
  • Gathering feedback on the skills that are most indicative of employee success
  • Being available 24-7 so reference givers can access it on their own time

Automated reference checking software also yields higher response rates. These comprehensive responses help you determine whether each candidate has the relevant qualifications for the position and is a cultural fit for your organization.     

5. Streamlined hiring workflow 

Using automated reference checking software smoothes your hiring process in various ways. One of which is scalability. As your organization expands, so do its hiring needs. Reference checking software quickly and easily adapts to handle a higher volume of references from candidates.

It also improves the hiring experience for all the parties involved. It eliminates the need for intrusive phone calls, questionable call recording, or chaotic written notes, and saves reference data on one platform for future use. Reference givers can provide answers to questions online without any hassle while hiring teams can effortlessly access reference checks on demand.      

Integrations are yet another way automated reference checking software simplifies the hiring process. You can easily integrate reference checking software with your applicant tracking system (ATS) or any other relevant platform to eliminate extra steps in your workflow.  

6. Compliance and tracking 

Automated reference checking software ensures that you’re on the right side of the law as you hire candidates for your organization. The questions in the reference checking tools can be customized to comply with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and other relevant regulations, erasing the possibility of asking unlawful questions. 

Reference checking software can help you monitor the trends in your hiring process, making it possible to identify areas that need improvement. With analytics and reporting, your hiring team can observe reference patterns over a period of time. This proves beneficial to your hiring process as it guarantees data-based decisions.

Digital reference checking can make a remarkable difference in your hiring process. Get started today with Cangrade’s automated reference checking software.