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3 Ways Cangrade Speeds Up Time-to-Hire

When it comes to hiring talent, finding the right candidate is one of the most time-consuming tasks. Today we’ll cover 3 ways Cangrade’s solutions speed up your time-to-hire ensuring no talent is left undiscovered.

1. Pre-Hire Assessment

Taking under 15 minutes, candidates answer questions we use to predict their success and retention in their applied job role, helping narrow down your candidate pool to the best talent.

2. Hard Skills Assessments, Video Interviews, and Reference Checking

After identifying your top talent, you can use our  Hard Skills Assessments, to assess candidates for the hard skills they’ll need on day one. Then use our Recorded Video Interviews, to avoid scheduling conflicts and quickly dig deeper into candidate backgrounds, and Reference Checking Verification, to automatically contact references and validate information provided by your candidates.

3. Hiring Automation

With full customization, you can save time in ways that suit your company best, screening in and out talent, sending emails, texts, and much more. However you want to save time, we’re here to help

For more ways Cangrade can help you drive better hiring efficiency, request a demo today.