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3 Ways Cangrade Fosters Diversity

Cangrade’s solutions were built to remove bias from your hiring process. Here are three of the strategies we implement to foster fair hiring practices, guaranteeing each applicant an equal opportunity throughout your talent acquisition process.

1. Patented Bias-Removal

Our patented process for eliminating bias paired with our adverse impact analysis ensures that your hiring is as fair as it is efficient. With advanced AI, we sift through applications to highlight the best talent, free from unconscious biases.

2. ADA-compliance

Accessibility is at our core. Cangrade is ADA-compliant, making sure our platform is accessible to everyone ensuring a diverse and inclusive candidate pool.

3. Mobile Accessibility 

With Cangrade’s mobile accessibility, candidates can apply from anywhere, anytime, on any device. We make it easy for talent to reach you, widening your access to the best candidates.

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