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3 Tips for Retaining Underrepresented Employees

If you’re actively trying to create a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace for your employees, those good intentions are a great start. You might even have started using bias-free tools to help your hiring process bring more diverse employees into your organization. 

But, many organizations with good intentions face serious issues retaining those underrepresented minority (URM) employees once they’re hired. Black professionals, for example, are 30% more likely to intend to leave their current organization than their white counterparts (probably because 33% of Black professionals don’t feel respected at work). 

URM employees also include other people of color (Asian, Hispanic/Latinx, Native American, and Pacific Islander employees, to be specific), and employers face similar challenges in retaining them. If your company is not focused on retaining diverse employees just as much, or more, than hiring them, you may be wasting your efforts to create a more equitable and inclusive workplace because you’re creating a revolving door for URM employees thanks to policies and work environments that don’t meet their needs. 

But what solutions really work to retain diverse employees effectively? It can be difficult to cut through all the buzz and understand what’s truly proven to be effective. Fortunately, Cangrade has done the research for you: this infographic lays out the top three data-backed ways to retain and engage your URM employees. These tips are the key to building a deeply diverse workplace where all of your employees have the chance to build rewarding, successful, engaging careers and bring their whole selves to work. Download the infographic to save and share it!

Download the infographic with these insights below.