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The Hottest Time of Year in Hiring: New Data

Before COVID, it was well known that January and Tuesdays were the best time to apply for jobs and for recruiters to brace themselves. But after a few tumultuous years in the job market, does that still hold true? Is January the job boom month it used to be? 

Cangrade set out to understand which days and months of the year are the hottest for job applicants and recruiters by looking at the timing of Cangrade Pre-Hire Assessment completions from 2021 through 2023. By analyzing when job applicants complete their pre-hire assessment, we shed light on when applicants move forward in the hiring process and recruiters are most active.

July is the New January

Monthly pre-hire assessment completions peak in July showing that it is the best time of year to apply for jobs.

July sees the most movement in the hiring process with 25% of assessment completions happening within the month. Surprised? Us too. August comes in second with 18% of assessment completions.

So, what about January being the best time to apply for jobs? January is the fourth lowest in assessment completions, tied with May, but higher than March and all of Q4. October comes in last with just 1% of assessments being completed within the month. 

COVID-19 has left its mark on the hiring landscape, shifting hiring peaks further into the year. Today, hiring momentum builds in the first half of the year before peaking in July and falling throughout Q3 to the year’s end. 

As a jobseeker, Q4 will be the slowest time of year. You’re more likely to see increased opportunities and move forward in the hiring process during July and August. However, with that opportunity comes potential competition. 
As a recruiter, your most relaxing quarter comes just in time for the holidays, but summer may not give you the summer break you have in mind.

Sunday Funday

Daily Pre-Hire Assessment completions peak on Tuesday showing that it is the best time to apply for jobs.

In reviewing the timing of assessment completions on average, the established stat that Tuesday is the best time to apply for jobs looks to hold true. Cangrade’s Pre-Hire Assessment is most often the first step of the hiring process, right after application. With Cangrade’s hiring automation, candidates applying to a role are assigned their assessment at nearly the same time. Our analysis shows that Tuesday is the highest volume day for assessment completions with 25% of total completions, followed by Thursday, reinforcing that Tuesday is a common job application day.

If you’re a recruiter hoping your applicants are going to take your assessment over the weekend, think again. Job seekers are burning the candle at both ends during the week. Applicants are 45% more likely to finish their assessment on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday than they are on a Saturday. They’re 72% less likely to complete it on a Sunday than on a Tuesday. Sending your assessment early in the week will speed up your hiring process and increase your completion rates.

3 Takeaways for Recruiters and Jobseekers

If you’re a recruiter:

  • Assign your applicants their pre-hire assessment early in the week to maximize the likelihood of completion and decrease time-to-hire
  • Make the most of slow winter hiring months by improving hiring efficiency and growing your talent pool ahead of July and August
  • Brace yourself for an early summer hiring spree

If you’re a jobseeker:

  • Consider job searching mid-year rather than in January if you can to maximize your number of opportunities
  • Be prepared for more job competition in July
  • Expect the slowest hiring season to come at the end of the year

Hiring has evolved since 2019. Remote and hybrid work, retention challenges, an increased call for employee wellbeing and diversity, and more have reshaped HR and how we work. Understanding industry baselines like these is just the start of optimizing your business’ hiring or job search. Find more resources here.

An infographic showing the best time of year to apply for jobs according to Cangrade's research on pre-hire assessment completions.

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