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Our Hiring Assessment Gave Recruiters 45,392 Minutes Back in 2023

What would you do with an extra month of your life back? Take a sabbatical? Finally get to inbox zero? Cook all of Julia Child’s recipes?

At Cangrade, our goal is to help HR teams streamline their hiring process while elevating hiring quality and eliminating bias from talent management. To see how well we’re delivering on our promise to drive hiring efficiency, we looked at the total number of candidates Cangrade screened with our hiring assessment in 2023 and calculated how long it would have taken recruiters to manually screen those candidates instead. Here are the results.

In 2023, Cangrade saved hiring teams 45,392 minutes of candidate screening. That equates to 756.5 hours or 31.5 days. Here are some of the options for what you could do in the time our hiring assessment saved. In 45,392 minutes, you could:

  • Blink over 27 million times
  • Cook 1,513 meals
  • Read 126 books
  • Post 1,513 influencer-quality Instagram posts
  • Watch 129,692 Tik Toks
  • Answer 41,266 emails
  • Knit 126 scarves
  • Brew 1 batch of beer
  • Finish Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom 13 times
  • Play 1,513 games of chess
  • Ride each ride at Disney World 16 times
  • Watch 317 movies or watch the Harry Potter series 38 times
  • Ride a bike 11,348 miles
  • Climb the Eiffel Tower 1,009 times
  • Hike to Machu Picchu 8 times
  • Drive across the country 17 times
  • Fly around the world 17 times in a Boeing 747
  • Fly to the moon 10 times

Reclaim your time without sacrificing your hiring goals with Cangrade. Our hiring assessment quickly pinpoints the candidates who will succeed and stay in the specific role for which you are hiring. With the help of automation to move candidates through your pipeline, and dashboards and candidate reports that give you the critical insights into future performance you need, your team can focus on more strategic work. 

Discover how our hiring assessment can drive your hiring efficiency today. Request your demo now.