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Cangrade: Moneyball Analytics Built for Business

In Moneyball, the scrappy general manager takes his meager resources (well, meager for a major league baseball team) and uses the power of advanced mathematical modeling (and a Yale economics grad) to recruit smarter and make it to the playoffs against all odds.

The analytic modeling used in this movie (and in real life as the movie is based on a true story) may seem like a sprinkle of magic, but it is really just smart science. This sophisticated approach revolutionized professional sports and is now a staple of all professional sports teams.

Cangrade scientists (who went not only to Yale, but to Harvard too!) set out to build a modeling approach that can bring a bit of Moneyball magic to the business world—and deliver the wins your company needs.

Cangrade’s goal was simple

Create a data-driven model that predicts which hire will be the biggest win for your company.

There were three boxes Cangrade needed to check to get there:

  1. Create an assessment that captures data about personality, motivations, and soft skills;
  2. Test on a customized, per-business basis which of these connect to important business success metrics (like sales, quota attainment, engagement, and turnover);
  3. Output one simple score that was clearly interpretable.
Cangrade's recruiter dashboard

When we build these predictive models for our clients, each has a unique set of personality combinations that promote success.

For example, extroverted people might work better in big teams, persistent people might do better cold-calling clients, emotional people might provide better customer service, and so on. You’ll see these differences clearly in your employees’ output. And, as an added bonus, once you know the formula for success, managers can coach employees to learn and develop these skills.

Without using Cangrade’s Moneyball approach (just like in baseball), you may focus on just one desirable quality or overlook a valuable soft skill – and miss out on a great employee fit.

Success Stories

Success for Cangrade’s customers comes in all sorts of forms. Does it increase revenues? Raise employee retention? Improve customer satisfaction?

Whatever the goal, Cangrade has a success story to match.

For example:

  1. At CareerBuilder, Cangrade reduced employee turnover by 40% in just one year.
  2. At Applied Industrial Technologies, Cangrade has generated roughly $12.9 million in revenue in just one year.

Cangrade empowers companies with powerful analytic strategies rolled up in an intuitive, easy-to-use tools interface. This helps your hiring managers make fast, smartdata-driven decisions.

We think it just might change how the game is played.