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Hire Your Workforce of the Future with Cangrade’s New Prompt Engineering Test

We live in a fast-paced world of technology and innovation. Staying ahead of trends requires a workforce equipped with cutting-edge skills. However, assessing candidates’ proficiency in these rapidly evolving areas can be overwhelming. 

As technology advances, new skills and competencies emerge, rendering resumes and interviews unable to provide sufficient evidence of a candidate’s proficiency in the latest technologies and trends. 

Look at how AI has evolved most recently with the arrival of ChatGPT. HR professionals are navigating how ChatGPT will impact the workforce and how they can incorporate prompt engineering into the mix.

Cangrade is excited to launch its Prompt Engineering Skills Test to help hiring teams address the challenges of evaluating candidates’ prompt engineering skills. Recruiters can now easily and confidently evaluate candidates’ prompt engineering abilities and simplify the hiring process for Prompt Engineer positions by offering a comprehensive assessment, tailored to evaluating candidates’ newest and most sought-after skill.

Hiring the workforce of the future starts now. Prompt engineering skills will be imperative to the success of most employees as will having the right soft skills profile,” shared Gershon Goren, Founder and CEO of Cangrade. “As these skills rise in importance, HR teams need the tools to predict candidate success and retention accurately. Cangrade is proud to offer these teams the most accurate method of predicting candidates’ future success with our library of assessments.

Making the wrong hiring decisions can be costly, especially when it comes to cutting-edge skills. By leveraging Cangrade’s psychometric Pre-Hire Assessment and Prompt Engineering Test, organizations ensure that they are hiring individuals who possess the soft and hard skills needed to drive their business into the future and minimize hiring risks by providing an accurate evaluation of candidates’ abilities. 

Cangrade’s Prompt Engineering Test assesses candidates on a series of prompts, can be automatically assigned to candidates in the right step of the hiring process, and automatically scores candidates on their skills, ensuring an efficient, accurate, and objective evaluation.

Start hiring your workforce of the future and streamlining your hiring process with our new Prompt Engineering Test and Pre-Hire Assessment. Request a demo today.