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Cangrade Wins TalentCulture’s 2022 HR Tech Awards

We are thrilled to announce that Cangrade has been named a winner of TalentCulture’s 2022 HR Tech Awards for the second year in a row. Winners of the TalentCulture Tech Awards stand out with technologies that create a better, more seamless experience for employers and candidates.

Powered by 50 psychometric variables, Cangrade’s AI-powered Pre-Hire Assessments predict candidate success up to 10x more accurately than any other method. Cangrade’s solutions narrow down your applicant pool, increase retention, promote job fit and employment equity, enhance your candidate experience, and much more.

“We, at TalentCulture, love this product and that it’s based on scientific study and research. It fits the parameters of what we consider a resourceful tool that brings great value to an organization, especially being a solution that creates parity and fairness in the hiring process, which is something we fully endorse,” said Cyndy Trivella, Managing Partner at TalentCulture.

To discover why Cangrade is an HR tech award winner, check out our website or request a demo today.