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Career Motivations: Discover What Drives Your Team

In the hiring process, figuring out if a candidate has the soft skills to succeed in a role can be difficult. Not to mention full of potential implicit bias and inaccuracies. But by focusing on hard skills and culture in the hiring process, companies limit diversity, miss hiring the perfect fit, and lose top talent.

Fortunately, Cangrade’s Pre-Hire Assessment identifies if a candidate has what it takes to succeed and where they need additional development – accurately and without bias. With the addition of Motivations to our Pre-Hire Assessments, you can also uncover what motivates candidates to do their best work, feel appreciated, and satisfied within your organization.

A candidate’s career Motivations are automatically identified when a candidate completes their Cangrade Pre-Hire Assessment. Candidates learn their top career motivation in their Applicant Report, while recruiters receive tips for pitching the job to the candidate and managers receive tips for managing their performance in the candidate report. Understanding what drives candidates and employees in their careers empowers your recruitment team and managers to build stronger, happier teams.

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